Frequently Asked Questions

What is a compounded medication?

A compounded medication is made by mixing individual ingredients based on a prescriber's prescription order in which the strength and/or dosage form is personalized for a specific patient.

For allergy sufferers, we are able to compound special dye, preservative, and filler-free medicines to cater to their sensitive needs.
For those who are unable to swallow capsules or tablets, we can create substitutes such as topical gels and creams. Flavorings can also be added to make medications more palatable.

For the athlete or sports lover, we can customize medication to meet your individual needs. For example, we can combine various drugs into one product to help combat multiple symptoms such as nerve and muscle pain; we can customize topical antifungal medications and preparations to heal blisters and calluses. In most cases, patients get the maximum benefit of topical applications while avoiding potentially severe side effects.

Give your pets the specialized care they deserve. Cats don’t like pills, but ever notice how much they love tuna? Dogs don’t like medication being squirted down their mouth, but they will take it gladly when its flavored with meat or made part of a tasty treat. Working closley with your vet we can help you with providing the right medication for your pets.

Whatever your challenge, we can help you find a solution by working with you and your doctor to solve unique medical problems.

Do you deliver medications to my home?

Yes! We can deliver medications to any place (within a certain mile radius) where someone can sign for the medication at the time of drop-off, or it can be mailed to your doorstep the very next day.

Call us at (678)869-6000 to get more details!

How do I transfer my medications to your pharmacy?

Just fill out the form on the Rx Refills and Transfers tab and we will take care of the rest. If you're feeling rather chatty, just give us a call at (678)869-6000 to let our pharmacist know where you would like to transfer your medication from!

Will I get reminders to refill my medications each month?

Yes! Our professional and friendly staff will personally call you to remind you each time your refill is ready for pick-up so you never need to mark your calendar again. If you would like to make any specific requests, contact us at (678)869-6000 to let us know. We are always looking for ways to make your life easier!